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Tim Bui Nominated For Eight Awards At Film Festival

JAKARTA – The awarding of eight nominations for television drama series Tim Bui in the Bandung Film Festival is proof that the show’s important social values resonate with Indonesian audiences.


The producers of Tim Bui – international conflict resolution and peacebuilding NGO Search for Common Ground (SFCG) and SET Film – said today they were honoured for the 13-episode serial to be acknowledged so highly by the Indonesian film industry.


Tim Bui, which airs on Metro TV every Sunday from 1.30pm, has been nominated for an award in eight of 12 categories in the sinetron section. Winners will be announced at the Bandung Film Festival tomorrow, May 12.


Starring Agus Kuncoro, Tim Bui is based in a fictional prison and shows how the power of team sports can overcome differences in resolving conflicts in Indonesian society.  It explores many important social issues, such as tolerance toward others and minorities, the need for institutional reform in the corrections system, the negative impact of corruption and the positive potential of women’s leadership.


The show’s nominations are: Best Drama Series, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Script Writer, Best Editor, Best Director of Photography, Best Art Direction, and Best Music Direction.


Tim Bui Director Sugeng Wahyudi, of SET Film, said the awarding of eight nominations was a significant achievement.


“Difference and religion are rich and unlimited story themes to be explored. A good drama story should show Indonesia’s face in an honest way. These nominations are an appreciation for this honesty,” Sugeng said.


“I’m surprised and happy just to get nominated; it is already an amazing appreciation. The placement of air time has not been strategic or prime time for Tim Bui. But the judges have observed it objectively.”


SFCG’s Country Director for Indonesia Scott Cunliffe was delighted with Tim Bui’s achievement.


“The Bandung Film Festival’s eight nominations for Tim Bui acknowledges how creative talent has been used to disseminate positive social messaging which Search for Common Ground hopes will both educate Indonesian viewers how to resolve problems peacefully, respect differences whilst being entertained by a gripping story line,” he said.

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